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Passengers should check where to buy before they fly – research

With the new travel bubble between New Zealand and Australia open, those looking to splurge out on Duty Free shopping are being encouraged to conduct first-class pricing research before they fly, following new findings from the fully impartial price and product comparison site, PriceSpy.

According to PriceSpy, 80 per cent of researched perfumes and fragrances were found to cost more at Duty Free compared to if the same items were purchased normally outside the airport terminal.

What’s more, shoppers may also find better than normal prices outside the airport at the moment – with the PriceSpy Price Index confirming overall price point across all perfumes and fragrances listed on its site have dropped, down almost -10 per cent (-8 per cent) compared to the start of the year.

"With Kiwis jetting off across the ditch for their first quarantine-free getaway in just over a year, there’s no doubt many will be excited about the prospect of travelling again to see friends and family across the Tasman and enjoy a well-earned holiday," says Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, New Zealand country manager for PriceSpy.

"For those looking to make the most of Duty Free shopping, we strongly recommend consumers carry out important price research before they fly. This fundamental buying step can ultimately help save lots of money that can otherwise be spent on their holiday.

"Even though Duty Free shopping is often associated with discounted fragrances and perfumes, our research highlights people really need to do their price due diligence, to make sure this is actually the case.

"And our Price Index data reveals the indexed price point across perfumes and fragrances is generally dropping, so now may be a great time to buy – and shoppers may just be pleasantly surprised by how much these items cost.

"People looking for a new pair of sunglasses however may be best off buying at Duty Free, as our Price Index data shows the indexed price point across this shopping category has been steadily increasing, up almost three per cent since the start of the year."

"Since the borders closed back on March 19 last year and travelling overseas came to a near standstill, historical click data from our site found consumer buying interest across traditional ‘tax-free’ items such as perfumes and sunglasses declined," says Liisa.

"But, with the bubble opening up with Australia, we anticipate buying interest to increase again. So, now more than ever, consumers really need to conduct important price research."

No matter where people shop, whether it be online, in-store or at Duty Free, using a price comparison site like PriceSpy can help shoppers make better, wiser and more informed shopping decisions.

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