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BYATA congratulates TNZ CEO

BYATA is delighted to congratulate René de Monchy on being appointed Chief Executive of Tourism New Zealand.

Rene has worked closely with the BYATA Board and was instrumental in the signing of the MOU between BYATA and TNZ last year.

The MOU outlines strategic priorities for both organisations to work together aligning tourism strategies, including support for BYATA members’ products and experiences; sharing of sector specific data between both parties and a commitment to open and constructive dialogue with an aim to strengthen their collective understanding of industry needs.

Since the MOU has been in effect, a senior member of TNZ has been present at BYATA monthly board meetings, allowing an opportunity to share insights and detailed discussion on the significance of Youth travellers in the recovery of New Zealand’s tourism sector

NZ’s statement of intent dovetails perfectly with BYATA research project on the ‘Lifetime value model of the Youth Sector’. Chris Sperring, Chair of BYATA message to René is that “We love the relationship that we’ve developed with TNZ over the last year and really are looking forward to supporting your intent fully, in every way possible moving forward. After all, International Youth sector is the poster child of the four capitals model”.

“A close relationship with BYATA helps ensure that we have meaningful understanding and alignment of each other’s strategies and allows us to be best placed to support each other’s objectives," says Rene.

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