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DOC concerns for iconic Bay of Islands dolphin

DOC has released a video highlighting concerns about the long-term future of the bottlenose dolphins in Te Pēwhairangi/Bay of Islands.

The one-minute video talks about the rapid decline in identifiable dolphins from 278 in 1999 to just 26 today.

Research has shown the amount of time dolphins spend with boats and people does not allow them sufficient time to rest, feed and care for their young.

In response to the decline and increasing pressures faced by all marine mammals, a roopu has been formed between DOC and Ngā Hapū kaitiaki o te Pēwhairangi.

The roopu will be supporting a public consultation process for a proposed Marine Mammal Sanctuary for Te Pēwhairangi/Bay of Islands in the new year.

“Here in the Bay we are privileged to have a diverse range of marine mammals visiting us, particularly over the summer months," says senior ranger, marine, Dr Cat Peters.

"Unfortunately, this coincides with lots of boats on the water as people enjoy their summer activities. We have released this video to help build awareness about the pressures our marine mammals face.”

“The best thing you can do to help the dolphins and other marine mammals this summer is to give them space in and on the water. Our rangers will be out on marine patrol helping to keep them safe, so if you have any questions about marine mammal regulations we would love to chat to you," says Cat.

The video can be watched here.

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