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Call for views on the future of tourism

The New Zealand Tourism Futures Taskforce is calling for input into the future of tourism in New Zealand.

While tourism in New Zealand is currently limited to domestic visitors, it won’t always be that way, and the Taskforce is taking a long term view of the tourism system.

“The Taskforce is moving at a pace to make recommendations about the future of tourism in New Zealand,” says Taskforce co-chair Grant Webster.

Calling for the tourism industry and public’s input into the future of tourism will be key to the Taskforce’s work, which is to provide advice to Government on what changes New Zealand can make to the tourism system.

“I really encourage interested parties to take this opportunity and contribute their thinking to a future-focused tourism system that benefits all New Zealanders,” says Taskforce co-chair Steve Chadwick.

Ideas submitted would help form the direction of the Taskforce, which will also consider the long-standing productivity, inclusivity and sustainability (environmental, social and economic) issues present in some parts of the tourism sector. Draft recommendations are due in December, and the final report is due in April.

Contributions can be made by completing the online form. Contributions close at 5pm Tuesday, September 22.

The Taskforce is an independent public-private partnership established by the Tourism Minister following the significant change to global travel and tourism in New Zealand as a result of COVID-19.

The Taskforce will lead the thinking on the future of tourism in New Zealand. MBIE is providing secretariat services to the Taskforce.

More information about the Taskforce and its Advisory Group can be found on the Taskforce website.

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