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“We‘re all in this together” РNew Zealand China Friendship Society

welcome the New Zealand Government’s decision to move to Level three lockdown early this morning, however note that there is considerable world-wide debate occurring about the origins of COVID-19.

"In some quarters there are those who are blaming China and the Chinese people for the global spread of the virus," says a statement from the society.

"We do not believe it is helpful to contribute speculative and unsubstantiated allegations to the debate.

"We believe scientists and researchers, from around the world, will make the determination as to its origin which will assist with understanding future threats.

"Indeed, different responses to the management of the pandemic have clearly presented different impacts on control within populations in many different countries. We are fortunate to live in a country with responsible and decisive leadership, respected internationally," says the statement.

"We are all in this together and we ask our fellow New Zealanders to continue being kind to each other. Crises can bring out the best in us, and we have shown amazing acceptance and solidarity during the period of our lockdown conditions.

"Our many Chinese citizens and residents, including Chinese workers and students living temporarily in New Zealand, do not deserve to be blamed, or criticised, for the virus or the pandemic, nor their country of origin made a scapegoat for the global spread of COVID-19.

"We look forward to the resumption of open borders and safe travel between our two countries when leadership deem this step to be responsible."

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