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Air NZ prepares for pilot redundancies

A statement released yesterday by New Zealand Air Line Pilots’ Association suggests Air New Zealand is preparing to start pilot redundancies.

“On Monday NZALPA met several times with Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran and his executive team to continue our discussions on cost-cutting measures relating to the effects on the airline from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis," says president Captain Andrew Ridling.

“NZALPA was told by Air New Zealand that they proposed to make 387 pilots redundant as ‘the most economically efficient surplus’ resulting from the proposed Air New Zealand flight schedule.

“As we have been working closely with the airline over the past three weeks, NZALPA will continue to negotiate on getting this number reduced and finalising the agreement process.

“We have been very clear with Greg Foran and the Air New Zealand executive team from the beginning of this process: if we cannot save every job, NZALPA would fight to ensure there is a clear and transparent path back to Air New Zealand for all pilots who chose to return.

“NZALPA is adamant that 387 redundancies is not a final number. Now we continue the robust and thorough consultation process required under the Employment Relations Act and our specific Collective Agreement.

“Meanwhile, our focus has to be on these negotiations and supporting our colleagues and their families only,” Captain Ridling says.

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