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Showcasing New Zealand’s commitment to sustainability


Chief executive of Tourism Export Council of New Zealand Judy Chen, shared her insights on sustainability trends to more than 500 delegates, at the Australian Tourism Export Council’s annual conference ‘ATEC Meeting Place’ in Brisbane this week.


Showcasing the one-year-old visitor behaviour engagement campaign, Tiaki – Care for New Zealand, on a global panel session where, for the inaugural time, she was joined by David Frost, chief executive of Southern Africa Tourism Services Association and Tom Jenkins, chief executive of European Tourism Association.

“More than 89 per cent of New Zealanders believe that Tiaki – Care for New Zealand is important and this initiative is admired by a number of our international colleagues as a great example aligning environmental, cultural, and social elements of sustainability,” says Judy.

The key objective of the panel discussion highlighted how the inbound tourism industry can best lead, develop, and promote sustainable business practices. This addresses the conference theme to foster conversations around sustainability awareness within distribution that will help guide businesses into the future.

“Despite being based in different parts of the world, key challenges like carbon emissions is something we all face and are starting to address.

“The New Zealand tourism industry is fully committed to protecting and preserving our home for future generations, and we aim to be a world leader in this space.

“Our industry has a strong focus on collaboration and I am extremely proud to have shared our journey so far with our counterparts in Australia.”


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