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Queenstown Airport wayfinding concept named finalist in NZ’s Best Design Awards

Local design agency, makebardo, has been named finalist in the Environmental Graphics Category of the New Zealand Best Design Awards, for its work on the Queenstown Airport wayfinding signage system.

Unveiled over the last 12-18 months across the airport, makebardo created the "unique, innovative and visual concept" with the QAC team to improve customer experience and the park-to-plane journey.

QAC general manager commercial and customer experience Olivia Pierre says the wayfinding concept was "pretty unique" in the world of wayfinding and "aligned with the Company’s values and guiding principles".

"We wanted an innovative approach to the airport’s wayfinding system and makebardo worked closely with the team to understand our customers’ journey, their motivations, personalities and decision-making processes to come up with the final concept," says Olivia.

"Delivering a world-class, effective and high-impact system, Bren and Luis exceeded our expectations with well-designed, graphic orientated systems that will stand the test of time," added Olivia.

Speaking on behalf of the creative duo behind the concept, Bren Imboden, said: "Our priority was to put people at the heart of every decision to ensure a customer-centred approach and we always referred to QAC’s core principles of affordable, adaptable, sustainable and memorable."

"We wanted something unique, yet functional and we believe we’ve achieved this balance through a clear, simple and recognisable signage system that appeals to multiple audiences," added Bren.

The concept, ‘Making the invisible, visible’, is aimed at visualising the invisible lines that are created when people are traveling from one place to another. The concept is based around a flexible, modular and scalable identity of three intuitive and friendly lines, which have multiple uses and forms depending on the action required.

To view the initial concept video, ‘Making the invisible, visible’ visit Queenstown Airport’s YouTube Channel

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