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MOU signed between TIA and BYATA

The signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Tourism Industry Aotearoa and Backpacker Youth Adventure Tourism Association will support the two associations to work collaboratively as tourism businesses begin their respective journeys to recovery.

The Chairmen of BYATA and TIA signed an agreement which commits each partner to working closely together on areas of mutual interest, and lending each other support and complementary skills.

TIA is the umbrella organisation and advocacy voice of the tourism industry. It represents more than 2000 members across the industry and has many partners and organisations within its constituency.

BYATA represents the New Zealand backpacking and adventure travel industry and members include independent tour operators, accommodation providers, adventure operators, attractions & activities, regional tourism bodies and travel networks. The majority are also members of TIA.

BYATA Chairman Chris Sperring announced the news at the Virtual BYATA Update on August 12.

“We are delighted to be working with Tourism Industry Aotearoa, to have this first MOU signed is a significant step forward, it allows us to have a voice at the table and for TIA to see the value of youth tourism within the tourism industry," says Chris Sperring.

"This MOU positions our association in the mix with trusted sources as they look to tap into our IP in the Youth space. International youth are the poster children when it comes to true ‘high quality visitors’ under the new Four Capitals model.”

Speaking at the Virtual BYATA Update, Tourism Industry Aotearoachief executive Chris Roberts said “There’s no reason why those high quality visitors cannot be those who are staying in backpackers and youth hostels," says Chris Roberts.

The MOU will focus on four main areas of co-operation:

  • TIA representative of Backpacker Industry sector
  • The sharing of information and insight from central government
  • Included in TIA associations meeting
  • Industry connectivity
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