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Seven-year-old skiing all of New Zealand’s ski fields

Seven-year-old Lochie Win has set himself a huge challenge – to ski all of New Zealand’s ski fields in just five weeks.

And the Central Otago boy has an inspirational reason behind his challenge – his mum Rebecca and her journey through her cancer recovery.

With his dad Luke as support crew Lochie is half way through his trip fundraising for the Cancer Society and at the same time showcasing the country’s amazing ski fields.

Both Lochie and Luke are keen skiers and at the weekend they skied Mt Ruapehu for the first time ever – at both Whakapapa and T≈´roa. Not only did Lochie ski but he helped the team set up, jumped in a snow groomer and was the first and last to ski the slopes for the day.

"I loved it. One of the best parts was seeing my mum back on skis for the first time in years and giving her some pointers, I was scared she was going to crash but she didn’t!" Lochie says. "I also lost my front baby tooth at T≈´roa which was quite cool."

Luke says that the Mt Ruapehu team went out of their way to give Lochie a truly memorable experience on the mountain and it’s one he will never forget.

"There’s something very special about Mt Ruapehu, we felt it when we left. And to be on the slopes at the weekend and see the sunrise was pretty amazing.

"I’ve never had any intention of bringing Lochie to Mt Ruapehu to ski but we’ve been blown away with the connection with the mountain and would highly recommend it to anyone."

Skiing Mt Ruapehu marked the half way point in their epic journey. Next on the list is Tukino on Mt Ruapehu’s on the eastern side of the mountain before heading across to Mt Taranaki and then back down to the South Island.

Luke says that after four weeks on the road with their caravan fatigue is setting in for Lochie who after a day on the slopes gets to work preparing his gear for the next day’s skiing. And he also has to squeeze in his schoolwork.

"It was really hard for him to say goodbye to his mum yesterday as she headed back home for her yearly check-up at Dunedin Hospital. He’s looking forward to having her back with us soon," Luke says.

"Cancer can affect any one at any time and the support that the Cancer Society has offered us as a family has been amazing. They were there from day one all the way through.

"We’ve met some amazing people along the way, heard their stories, given them a hug and shed a tears it’s been inspirational. Sometimes people think the Kiwi spirit has disappeared but it’s definitely alive and well."

Lochie excitedly adds that his next challenge is to ski every field in the world. "It would take me years! I know that after this trip though I’ll be a good skier and so will dad."

Lochie is dividing the money he raises between the various regions around the country and helping equip the accommodation people stay in when they’re having cancer treatment by buying the likes of TV’s, electric blankets and beds.

Both Lochie and Luke are very thankful for support of their sponsors who are helping them on their journey. They said without them it wouldn’t be possible.

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