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Wellington tourism businesses head to a carbon neutral future

WellingtonNZ is delighted to announce that Tourism Industry Aotearoa has been appointed as the provider for the Sustainable Tourism pilot programme.

Wellington is packed with all sorts of tourism businesses from hotels, buses and boats to tours and a diverse set of visitor experiences.

While it’s undeniable that the majority of Wellington’s tourism businesses have good intentions when it comes to lowering their carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable business, the path forward isn’t always easy to see. Muddying the waters further is the fact that one size does not fit all.

WellingtonNZ general manager David Perks says the ST pilot programme is designed to make it easier for tourism businesses to embark on a successful journey to a sustainable future.

“WellingtonNZ designed the programme through a week-long Design Sprint run by Creative HQ which also involved several Wellington tourism businesses and sustainability stakeholders.

“We have confidence that the programme will prove of real value as it aligns with local and national goals of building tourism into a sector that adds vibrancy to our communities and can have a regenerative impact on our environment. It will also play its part in aspirations to make Wellington a carbon neutral capital by 2050.

“We look forward to sharing the Sustainable Tourism programme with the rest of New Zealand once the pilot is completed and the lessons learnt incorporated to give it an ultra-sharp focus.”

TIA chief executive Chris Roberts says the ST pilot programme will eventually benefit tourism operators around the country. TIA is the kaitiaki of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment: which has been adopted by more than 1560 tourism businesses. The TSC aims to embed economic, visitor, community and environmental sustainability actions into business systems, processes and plans.

“The ST pilot programme gives us an amazing opportunity to work intensively with the selected businesses as we strive towards our vision to lead the world in sustainable tourism,” Chris says.

Further details of the ST programme, including the tourism companies that are taking part, will be released in the coming weeks.

The pilot is funded through WellingtonNZ’s share of MBIE’s Strategic Tourism Assets Protection Programme and Wellington City Council’s Tipu Toa fund.

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