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Travelling with children – advice from Queenstown Airport

Travelling can be stressful at the best of times, add in a few tiny humans and things can get a little more challenging. Reduce the stress and make that family trip one for the memory books with a little extra planning ahead of time.

Here are some tips and tricks from the team at Queenstown Airport to help your airport experience run smoothly.

1. Passenger Security Screening

It is a requirement by law that everyone, regardless of age, is screened at the security checkpoint. The Aviation Security Screening team will try and accommodate families as best they can. The rules around Powders, Liquids, Aerosols and Gels are:

On Domestic flights: there are no volume limits for powders, liquids, aerosols or gels that you can take on board in your carry-on baggage, however, aerosol containers must have a fitted cap or locking device.

For international flights: you are able to carry onboard a reasonable quantity of inorganic powder (non-food-based powders like talcum powder), liquid, aerosol or gel items for a baby or infant. Pack only what you need for the duration of your flight and any delays that may occur.

There are no quantity restrictions for organic powders (food/plant-based) powdered such as powdered baby formula. Baby products allowed may include, but are not limited to:

  • Baby milk, including expressed breast milk and powdered formula
  • Sterilised water
  • Juice
  • Baby food in liquid, gel, powder or paste form.

Screening children and items

It is a requirement by law that babies and infants go through similar screening to adults. 

Babies can be carried by an adult or, if they can walk unassisted, they should walk through the screening point on their own.

Carriers, strollers and prams must be screened separately along with other carry-on baggage. Many airlines do not allow these items in the cabin due to space and storage constraints. If you are unsure about your carry-on requirements, check with your airline before you travel.

2. Parent rooms and facilities at Queenstown Airport

To make things as easy as possible, Queenstown Airport have parent rooms located throughout the terminal. They're equipped with baby change facilities, feeding chairs and microwaves.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time before your flight to check in and clear security screening, plan ahead and enjoy every moment with your precious ones.

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