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Allianz Partners and Mercer Marsh Benefit extend Insurancesafe collaboration

Allianz Partners and Mercer Marsh Benefits have announced that they have extended their collaboration on the Insurancesafe portfolio of medical and travel insurance.

Insurancesafe provides cover for students and workers, including international students and seasonal workers.

Together, Allianz Partners and Mercer Marsh Benefits will continue to develop and deliver innovation across a number of insurance products and services, including mental health and telehealth solutions.

Additionally, the two companies will continue working with the New Zealand education sector and exploring new channels including reaching inbound travellers at their country of origin.

Allianz Partners chief executive officer Kevin Blyth says the continued alliance will enable Insurancesafe to build on its successes especially for students.

“At a global level, Allianz Partners has taken a greater focus on supporting student mobility following the Covid-19 pandemic. We are thrilled with this opportunity to take our medical and travel insurance for students to a new level in collaboration with Mercer Marsh Benefits.”

“With so much uncertainty for those travelling in the post-pandemic landscape, it has become even more important to ensure customer-centricity and innovation," says Mercer Marsh benefits leader Alison Bamford.

"We’re pleased to appoint Allianz Partners as our preferred provider and continue to build on the successes we’ve forged together since 2013.”

Following the agreement, the first initiatives the companies have rolled out is the introduction of selected cover for epidemic and pandemic diseases for Seasonsafe, Explorersafe and Workersafe policies to align with the cover introduced for Studentsafe earlier in the year.

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