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Hospitality businesses swing into action on Alert Level 2

The Covid Alert Level 2 order for the Wellington region is disappointing news, but businesses have swung immediately into action, says Hospitality New Zealand.

Chief executive Julie White says restaurants, bars, clubs and accommodation suppliers have been here before and know what to do.

"Members swung into COVID-19 alert level planning once the news of the positive COVID-19 case came through. Some operators having to shut their doors and begin deep cleaning protocols and having to send staff home.

"For most hospitality and accommodation operators the facts are they will experience immediate cancellations. Members have begun to feedback that events and conferences for the next week have been cancelled.

"Whilst far from ideal, the industry knows what to do, many have spent the day preparing to operate in Alert Level 2 from 6pm last night.

"The important thing is to make sure we do this right so we curb any potential outbreaks and that this alert level doesn’t go past Sunday.

"We must do everything we can to keep the industry open including the trans-Tasman bubble, and that means everyone in the community following Level 2 instructions around gatherings, wearing masks, and using the contact tracing app.

"The man who was positive seems to have done a great job of using the app, and that’s what we all must do if we are to nip these outbreaks in the bud. This is a timely reminder of that, as well as why the vaccine programme is so important, and that it’s finished rolling out as soon as possible to at-risk groups.

"If there’s one piece of good news from all this it’s that the infected person seemed to have no trouble finding a wide variety of hospitality options in a very short time, and that’s why we want to get back to normal as soon as possible – so we can welcome more of his countrymen."

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