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SkyCity pledges support for 40:40 Vision

SkyCity is proud to announce it has signed up to 40:40 Vision, pledging a commitment to achieve gender balance across its executive leadership by 2023.

40:40 Vision is an investor and business-lead initiative to achieve 40 per cent women, 40 per cent men and 20 per cent any gender across the executive leadership teams of all ASX200 companies by 2030.

SkyCity Entertainment group chief people and culture officer Claire Walker says around half of SkyCity’s workforce is women.

"Over the past 12 months SkyCity has constantly challenged itself to increase female representation, particularly in senior leadership roles and has maintained a gender balance across the top four levels of the organisation.

"This has been driven by initiatives which support the development of our female talent pipeline and by ensuring strong female candidates are identified in the recruitment process for all executive roles and any systemic bias in recruitment, development and promotion processes are removed.

"SkyCity is also working to understand intersectionality and its impact on women from ethnic minorities, starting by measuring and understanding our ethnic pay gap," says Claire.

Chief executive Michael Ahearne says he is committed to building the capability of SkyCity’s leaders in understanding and leveraging diversity of thought.

"There is clear evidence that having women in leadership roles is not only fairer but leads to better profits, and better corporate governance.

"We’ve taken the 40:40 Vision pledge and we’re calling on Australasia’s biggest companies to do the same, drive real change and reap the benefits of having fairer, more inclusive workplaces and stronger business performance," says Michael.

SkyCity is also a member of Women in Gaming and Hospitality Australasia, Champions for Change New Zealand, and Global Women NZ.

In 2020 SkyCity was awarded the Gender tick for the second year in a row in recognition of its commitment to and ongoing work in providing an equitable workplace for all employees.

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