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Fearing FOMO, Kiwis are booking to beat Aussies – accommodation provider

Accommodation providers are seeing a rise in enquiries and website hits as New Zealanders become conscious about needing to book with the Trans-Tasman bubble now in full swing, says one Far North accommodation provider.

"For the past 12 months many Kiwis have been leaving their bookings late, knowing there was no international competition, as well as the very real prospect of another lockdown," says the Coopers Beach bach owner.

"With Australian visitors now coming in, and the fear of lockdowns subsiding, Kiwis are getting back to booking. Many owners of holiday rentals in the Far North saw very few early bookings for Easter, but with the Trans-Tasman bubble underway Kiwis are now getting better organised for winter."

One example of booking enquiries lifting thanks to Australian competition is a spacious holiday house in Coopers Beach. Dubbed ‘Seaview Central’.

"Over the past year, Kiwis were confidently delaying their decisions which lead to last-minute rushes. However, with Aussies now keen to explore the country and go beyond the main centres, New Zealand families are realising they need to book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment," he says.

Another Coopers Beach accommodation provider says, in addition to Australian travellers, more domestic visitors are expected in the ‘Winterless North’ in the coming months thanks to Kiwis still being unable to travel to the Pacific Islands.

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