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Changes to MIQ fees for some returning New Zealanders

Changes are on the horizon for MIQ stays and how much you'll pay.

Currently, any New Zealand citizen or permanent resident returning from overseas who has not been in New Zealand since August 11, 2020, and who stays in the country for at least 90 days is not liable to pay charges for managed isolation and quarantine.

The current fee is $3100 (incl. GST) for the 14-day managed isolation stay for the first adult in the room.

This change will support the Government’s aim of making the MIQ system more financially sustainable. It is estimated that extending the minimum period to 180 days will affect about three per cent of returning New Zealanders.

In addition, the Government has made further decisions about fees increases due to take effect from 12.01am on March 25, 2021, for temporary entry class visa holders.

Temporary entry class visa holders who are partners, spouses, legal guardians or children (under 18) of New Zealand citizens or residents, or a critical health worker, and are sharing an MIQ room with that person, will remain liable to pay the lower MIQ additional person rates ($950 for an additional adult in room, $475 for a child, aged 3-17).

However, where they are travelling separately, the temporary entry class visa holder will be charged the higher fees of $5520 for the first or only person in a room, $2990 for an additional adult, and $1610 for an additional child (all including GST).

MBIE can grant a full or partial waiver of managed isolation fees in cases of financial hardship or other special circumstances, or arrange an instalment plan or deferment of payment, for anyone entering the country who is liable for MIQ fees (except critical workers).

See the MIQ website for more details:

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