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The sky’s the limit for the Remutaka Cycle Trail

The Remutaka Cycle Trail already takes in one of the country’s most impressive mountain routes and now the experience is being taken to the next level.

Kim Young, who has previously worked at Te Papa, has been appointed the inaugural Remutaka Cycle Trail advisor.

Kim will champion the trail to make sure the new RCT Experience Plan is being delivered as part of NgƒÅ Haerenga NZ Cycle Trails.

Ngā Haerenga New Zealand Cycle Trails general manager Janet Purdy sees a big future for the Remutaka Cycle Trail.

“A dedicated trail champion will enable Remutaka Cycle Trail to develop into one of our greatest Great Rides along the lines of other popular Great Rides like Otago Central Rail Trail and Alps 2 Ocean.” 

WellingtonNZ general manager David Perks says WellingtonNZ has focused on promoting the region’s network of trails through the Find your Wild website which has achieved good traction amongst cyclists, walkers and runners.

“We want to achieve the same level of awareness and benefit for the Remutaka Cycle Trail, to grow it and take it to the next level as one of the country’s great cycling experiences.

“We aim to boost numbers of locals and visitors using the trail. This will prove invaluable to businesses who depend on the trail such as cycle hire firms, hospitality outlets and accommodation providers in the Wairarapa and Hutt Valley.”

Remutaka Cycle Trail Steering Group chair James Lamb is looking forward to building on and strengthening the trail’s partnerships by having a dedicated advisor to enhance the overall offering.

“The trail experience has come to life through council and central government investment, and day to day by local businesses offering products and services to trail riders.

“We look forward to further collaborating with a community of trail partners to create a quality  experience together and bringing our region’s stories of people and places to life.”

The 115-kilometre RCT takes in the Hutt River and the Remutaka range through Wairarapa to the southern coast. It’s suitable for a range of ages and abilities and can be ridden in sections of various lengths and grades over one, two or three days.

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