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Hamilton to get a tasty boost

Future events held in Hamilton’s central city will be able to include food trucks, food carts and mobile shops after a change to the city’s Public Places Policy today, December 8.

Earlier this year Hamilton City Council sought public views on proposals to change the policy as part of a scheduled review. The consultation process included discussions with central city businesses and food truck operators as well as the wider public.

Council considered 90 submissions, 77 per cent in favour of allowing food trucks to operate, with two submitters speaking at the Council’s Hearing and Engagement Committee.

Council today decided to approve changes to the policy to allow food trucks and mobile shops to operate, provided it is as part of a permitted wider event, and not one solely based on food vending. Food trucks would be limited to operating only during the hours the event was permitted for.

The policy also changes the area covered by the policy, extending it to include all that area between London Street and Knox Street, and between Angelsea Street and the Waikato River.

Council noted the policy’s intent is to add vibrancy to the central city, but it was also important to ensure policy changes considered the views of existing central city businesses. A review of the policy and its benefits for the central city has been scheduled for 2023.

The revised policy, including a name change to the Trading in Public Places Policy, was approved unanimously.

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