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Preparing for a summer of responsible camping

Local ambassadors will spend the summer spreading the word about how to responsibly freedom camp in KƒÅ¬Åpiti, and promote the district’s attractions with visitors as they do so.

KƒÅ¬Åpiti Coast District Council has received $137,600 from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Responsible Camping Fund for an Ambassador Programme to monitor and encourage our campers to be responsible across our district over summer.

The funding will also provide for additional servicing of toilet and waste management facilities.

Kāpiti Coast District Council environmental standards manager Jacquie Muir says with summer approaching we can expect to see more Kiwi holidaymakers visiting the district, including those wanting to freedom camp. Ambassadors will be on the ground during the peak season until after Easter.

"This summer our ambassadors will be out and about helping to educate those who choose to freedom camp in Kāpiti do so responsibly, and also sharing their local knowledge so visitors can get the most out of our awesome district," says Jacquie.

"We’re finalising ambassador recruitment now but we’ve got some fantastic people lined up for this work – they’re local, full of energy and spirit and will play an important role in our communities this summer."

Jacquie says research conducted last summer showed most of those freedom camping in Kāpiti were from overseas.

"Obviously we will be seeing a more domestic group of visitors this summer, and we’re looking forward to welcoming guests to KƒÅ¬Åpiti and sharing our knowledge and tikanga with them.

"Freedom camping is part of the Kiwi tourism package and managed through the Freedom Camping Act. Our Kāpiti Freedom Camping policy acts as a guideline that outlines where campers should stay and for how long, what types of vehicles are required Рthey must be self-contained Рand our behaviour expectations."

Jacquie says the ambassadors will also be chatting with campers about their experiences, intentions, interests and budgets.

"We’re building a picture of freedom camping in KƒÅpiti to help inform any future decisions we make and conversations with central government."

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