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The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza is live!

Bingo Bonanza is a digital travel and incentive tool, homemade right here in Aotearoa, that provides New Zealanders a whole new way to explore their backyard.

It has been designed in collaboration with the tourism industry to activate domestic tourism and economic regeneration. Bingo Bonanza gamifies exploration and incentivizes Kiwis to do more, try new things and share their experience across social channels.

It has been described as a search and planning tool similar to Booking.com, has a gamification aspect similar to Pokémon Go and the excitement of instant rewards like Instant Kiwi. It will provide both businesses and the tourism industry deep and wide data on audience behavior and spend and drives user generated content like Facebook and Instagram.

“Bingo Bonanza is a homegrown tool similar to the likes of internationally owned Trip Advisor, Air BnB Experiences and Booking.com," says brand and customer success manager Sarah Burilin.

"We have changed the model and we are connecting users directly to our local suppliers. This will help keep between 15 per cent – 25 per cent of profits that would typically go offshore within our local industry.

“We have also taken the opportunity to carbon offset all travel generated by Bingo Bonanza players while playing as this is a unique opportunity to deliver our environmental responsibilities and our Tiaki Promise, which is a key part of our business model.”

“Bingo Bonanza is about generating fun, exploration and spend within New Zealand while providing our industry insights and data like never before," says director of Tomahawk, the founder of Bingo Bonanza, Gina Paladini.

"The data that Bingo Bonanza generates shows tourist movement across New Zealand, behaviors, spend patterns, along with real life international visitor spend and much more.

“Right now we have a highly competitive market for the domestic traveler, so we have worked with Regional Tourism Offices to give them the support for their campaigns by offering free Bingo Cards to assist them in converting travel intent into action through incentives.

"With the methodology of the game, and the tracking of spend and activity in Bingo Bonanza, RTO’s can now prove the effectiveness of their investment for campaigns, influencer activities and offerings to their stakeholders and boards.

"We will be continually evolving Bingo Bonanza as it’s a platform with huge potential. Our next phase of delivery will see us releasing cards for community, conservation groups and sports clubs for fundraising and education. The leveraging of the Bingo Bonanza platform into the education sector will assist with growing student knowledge about New Zealand and the tourism industry.

"We will continue to respond to the market demands as they evolve and do everything possible to keep the dollar here in New Zealand, which will never be more important than when the New Zealand boarders open to international visitors."

Bingo Bonanza is supporting regional and national campaigns such as the 'Do something new New Zealand' campaign by Tourism New Zealand, the new South Island Touring Route, Auckland Iconic Eats recently launched by ATEED along with many other regional and sector specific Bingo Cards.

It allows regions and businesses to respond in an agile way to suit New Zealand’s unique tourism economy, giving regions the ability to update and change their offerings seasonally, showcase new offerings, drive engagement at special events or work specifically for school holiday activities.

How it works:
There are thousands of exciting ideas, activities and itineraries to drive people to get out and about, spending more locally and connecting them with local suppliers.
The mechanic of Bingo is simple, players choose a Bingo card they want to play and they will complete a square using one of three methods. If it’s a paid activity they will use our receipt reader – therefore validating spend and connecting the tourism industry to commercial private companies. If it’s a free activity player can complete a square by using their location or by sharing their experience on Social Media. This means that New Zealand will continually be a top-of-mind destination globally as organically generated content will show the rest of the world just how great New Zealand is, keeping both international and locals engaged and inspired.

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