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BYATA and TNZ collaboration

Exciting new opportunities are on the horizon, after a collaboration between Backpacker Youth Adventure Tourism Association and Tourism New Zealand.

The memorandum of understanding between the BYATA and TNZ formally establishes a partnership to create opportunities to further develop and support youth tourism.

Under the memorandum, both organisations have committed to jointly grow the value of international youth arrivals to New Zealand and collaborate across marketing, online and trade activity.

BYATA chair Jenni Powell and TNZ director of commercial René de Monchy, both signed the agreement on September 16, 2020, committing each partner to working closely together on areas of mutual interest, and lending each other support and complementary skills.

The MOU outlines strategic priorities for both organisations to work together aligning tourism strategies, including support for BYATA members’ products and experiences; sharing of sector specific data between both parties and a commitment to open and constructive dialogue with an aim to strengthen their collective understanding of industry needs.

Speaking at the BYATA Update, René says the MOU was a significant extension to the agency’s relationship with the youth market.

“Tourism is vital to New Zealand’s recovery and youth travel will be an important component of this,” he says.

“As borders start to open up, the youth market are likely to be more open to travel and Tourism New Zealand will be looking into how we can support this.”

BYATA is the organisation and advocacy voice of the Youth tourism industry. With more than 130 members, BYATA was one of the few tourism organisations to experience a growth in memberships this year. It represents the New Zealand backpacker industry, bringing together members from accommodation, transport, attractions and activities.

BYATA chair Jenni explains “the overriding objective of that MOU is to work together to bring in the value of this sector with mutual support”.

“Our industry has been faced with challenges we never dreamed of. As the voice of the youth adventure tourism sector, we have prioritised advocating and supporting our members to help them traverse through this difficult time” she says.

“Youth travellers will be a key player in the rebuild of tourism, and we must take a leadership role in the discussion of our sector.”

Jenni says BYATA’s focus this year was in the advocacy space, across issues including AirBnB, Working Holiday Visa’s, responsible camping, and she added that Immigration and support for various wage subsidies have become a particular focus.

“There’s no doubt about the value of the crisis-resilient youth traveller, and not just in the revival of our industry, but also in the future in the responsible, purposeful travel in general..

“We will continue to fight to help our industry to recover, and ensure we are here for the next generation of travellers to New Zealand."

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