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Flights available to see the Southern Lights

Join Viva Expeditions and Aurora hunter and astrophysicist Dr Ian Griffin and fly into the night, to witness of the world’s most magical natural phenomena – the Southern Lights, also known as the Aurora Australis.

Many people spend a small fortune to fly to overseas to see the Northern lights, but we have taken things to the next level by experiencing the same phenomena on a flight departing from Christchurch New Zealand on March 20, 2021.

Taking off onboard an Air New Zealand Dreamliner, travelers will head south over the Southern Ocean towards Antarctica, aiming for latitudes of 62 degrees south where the Aurora Australis is brightest.

Travelers will be taken away from light pollution, high above the clouds and weather systems to see a magical and unforgettable display with uninterrupted view of the southern lights.

Along the way you will see constellations, stars and planets as you have never witnessed them before.

Full inflight catering service in both business and economy classes will be provided. With expert astronomers onboard they will provide information on route about how an aurora is created, as well as pointing out their favourite night sky objects. They will instruct you on how to photograph an aurora and we will have a photographer onboard to assist on how best to use your cameras.

“We wanted to offer something really special, something different. There are a lot of people out there wanting to get on a plane and go somewhere, do something exciting. This is it!” says founder of Viva Expeditions Rachel Williams.

This return 10 hour flight to the Southern Lights on Air New Zealand Dreamliner includes inflight meals and bar service, a team of expert astronomers to guide including Dr Ian Griffin, a COVID-19 guarantee, onboard photographer to guide you on how best to capture the Southern Lights and sales support from a team of travel experts.

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