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Bingo Bonanza provides Kiwis a carbon friendly travel experience

Bingo Bonanza, New Zealand's travel, entertainment and experience platform launching in October will be offsetting all the carbon emissions created by Kiwis when they are exploring New Zealand through themed Bingo Bonanza cards. 

Bingo Bonanza is an activation initiative that gamifies and rewards travel.

It’s core purpose is to help the recovery of the tourism industry post-COVID and keep the New Zealand dollar spinning in New Zealand, by connect kiwis with local providers rather than offshore operators.

Partnering with Australasian carbon offset specialist Tasman Environmental Markets, Bingo Bonanza will directly support accredited environmental projects that reduce emissions and deliver additional benefits to communities.

“We acknowledge that a part of New Zealanders getting out and experiencing their own backyard also means increase in car use, and potentially flying so we want to do our part in upholding the Tiaki promise," says brand and customer success manager Sarah Burilin.

"As part of the entertainment offering, Bingo Bonanza is also ensuring we support the delivery of the Tiaki promise, and we believe that carbon offsetting is a critical component of empowering New Zealanders to take action on climate change.

"The offsets we retire on behalf of Bingo Bonanza players will cancel out the emissions of travel today, and we hope raise awareness of offsetting as a vital part of the travel industry moving forward – an initiative partners like Air New Zealand have long supported.“

“Long term sustainable and regenerative tourism is something we can only achieve together," says Gina Paladini, director of Tomahawk who developed Bingo Bonanza.

"Each of our individual businesses, communities and industries, must play their role. 

"We have a real chance while New Zealand is currently isolated from the rest of the world to get our domestic tourism model right. Once the borders open, we can then ensure our overseas guests appreciate their role in keeping our tourism industry and our country thriving too.

"We believe Bingo Bonanza plays a role in helping to make that happen. As a New Zealand-based digital travel dreaming/planning/booking platform, we look forward to international travelers using Bingo Bonanza as their travel tool so we can also offset their experience of our country along with helping keep their dollar spinning inside New Zealand.”

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