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Luxury getaway in Malborough

It’s hard to overstate the impacts of COVID-19 on the travel industry – for the high rollers, luxury cruises, long-haul flights to far-flung islands and dining in the world’s best restaurants have been put on hold.


So just how does New Zealand’s other half live their luxe lifestyle without global travel? While some places are known, popular retreats there are others that, until now, were a closely kept secret.


Nestled in sunny Marlborough, one of the country’s most luxurious and high-end getaways is only an hour and a half flight’s away from Auckland. From its beautiful surroundings to the stunning rooms, every inch of The Marlborough is luxury. With elegant, contemporary suites, gourmet local cuisine, outdoor heated pool, beautiful gardens that run into the surrounding vineyards and attentive staff on hand 24 hours a day, it is a true oasis.


Rather than keep this secret under wraps, owner The Marlborough, Angela Dillon, is opening it’s to doors to all Kiwis. While everyone’s struggles have been different, there’s no one who hasn’t felt the economic burden of the pandemic.

And so, as a very special welcome to Marlborough, Kiwis are invited to enjoy this $1800 a night hotel, with all the luxury fittings, at a discounted rate $650 per night.


This special offer is for stays during October-November 2020 and is for a minimum of three night stay, this must be booked by September 30. This unprecedented offer includes breakfast, pre-dinner drinks and canapes each evening by the gorgeous outdoor fire and a mini bar which includes a selection of wine and beer.


Whether its wine tasting or enjoying a relaxing massage, strolling through the stunning 16 acres of gardens, mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking the beautiful Marlborough Sounds there is so much to be found in Marlborough.


A true piece of history, The Marlborough was built in 1901 for the Sisters of Mercy, this historic Victorian Convent was originally located next to Saint Mary's Church in Blenheim.


It provided 19 bedrooms for the nuns, a library, music room, sewing room, office and a beautiful chapel upstairs on the first floor.


Native timbers were extensively used in the construction including Matai, Rimu and Kauri, including the substantial carved staircase, constructed entirely from Kauri. It was moved into the midst of the vineyards approx. 30 years ago and in 2016 underwent an extensive refurbishment, highlighting its historic features and mixing with a contemporary décor, it reopened as 'The Marlborough' in 2017 offering 10 luxury suites.


Angela hopes this offer will encourage more Kiwi’s to come and explore the beauty that is Marlborough.


"Most people know that it’s the largest Sauvignon Blanc wine producing region in New Zealand, but what first time visitors don’t know is that the Wairau valley where the vineyards are is surrounded by rolling hills and mountains protecting it and making it ideal for growing many types of grapes and also helps to make it one of the sunniest places in New Zealand.


"With the stunning Marlborough Sounds just 15 mins away means there is so much more than wine to be found here and this mix of wine, food and stunning scenery is what our international guests have loved and this is what we want to share with everyone.


"We never planned on being one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets, it just seemed to evolve that way since opening and now we would love to see New Zealanders come and enjoy this slice of paradise and enjoy luxe travel – without needing their passport."

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