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Call to RTO’s from The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza

The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza invites all Regional Tourism Offices to submit their two free bingo activity boards September 14 in preparation for the new tourism product going live.

Due to COVID-19 Level 3 restrictions in Auckland the launch for The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza will be live in October, which will compliment Tourism New Zealand’s domestic campaign.

Bingo is both an activation and planning tool that connects everyday kiwis in supporting regional and national campaigns such as the 'Do something new New Zealand' by Tourism New Zealand. It will allow for agile responses to New Zealand’s unique tourism economy, give regions the ability to update and change their offerings seasonally or around special events or school holidays.

Every RTO will receive two free cards, giving them the opportunity to offer different experiences across demographics or special interests around their regions strengths or areas needing attention. 

"Empowering and helping New Zealanders dream, plan and see the breadth of opportunities while they travel our country is something the industry has been asking for prior to the COVID-19 pandemic," asys director of Tomahawk, who developed The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza Gina Paladini.

"We figure that if the team of five million can do lockdown together they can play together to help get the Tourism Industry and our economy back on track."

“Our Bingo Bonanza team are also here to support regions with developing additional Bingo cards in sectors that the region is known for; e.g. wine, hikes, shopping, cuisine, outdoor activities, and much more with rewarding and incentivizing people doing more than the one planned activity they had initially set out to do,” says Bingo Bonanza brand and customer success manager Sarah Burilin.

Bingo Bonanza gives regions the opportunity to showcase both paid and free activities with the goal of getting New Zealanders to discover a few more things and spend a little more money in the region.
Bingo Bonanza is partnering with Tourism industry partners, national media and key influencers to help launch the product alongside a widespread marketing campaign.

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