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Survey of overseas Kiwis to see if they will return home

New Zealanders often refer to the people of our nation as the ‘team of six million’ – five million onshore and one million plus distributed around the world.

Now, with a significant number of Kiwis returning home, Kea (originally the Kiwi Expat Association) plans to ask them if and why they might be thinking of coming home, and when we can expect their arrival.

Kea chief executive officer Toni Truslove says the Welcome Home survey launched today will provide important information that can be used to help Aotearoa New Zealand plan for the returning Kiwis.

"New Zealand needs to understand the size and the potential of this valuable human resource – those staying offshore, those returning – and how they might impact, or ignite the economy here," Toni says.

"We want to hear about their experiences, what those coming home might need in order to thrive in their new life and how they plan to contribute to New Zealand in terms of skills, investment and perspective."

Founded in 2001, Kea nurtures a diverse and vibrant community of Kiwis and friends of New Zealand, with members all across the globe, and operations in Auckland, London, New York and Beijing. Kea plans to activate their entire network to help distribute the survey using email, social media and other networks that have pledged their support.

"Kea is in a unique position to be able to interact with such a large and broad range of New Zealanders offshore and to put some real statistics around this incredibly valuable community," says Toni.

"This survey will provide essential data and insight to support understanding and enable planning across government, private business, industry groups and media."

Leading New Zealand insight agency TRA has come on board to help develop the survey content and analyse results with the initial report expected before the end of September.

"We’re also reaching out to those who may not be returning, but who want to do their bit to help our economy through the challenges ahead," says Toni.

"We ask all New Zealanders to forward the survey to Kiwis abroad and invite them to participate. To those remaining offshore, please stay in touch, and to those returning, we say, Nau Mai, Haere Mai, welcome home."

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