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“International students funding just a band aid” РWillis

This week's announcement from the Government on funding for international students is confirmation thousands of jobs will be lost in the education sector in coming months.

"Labour have offered just a band aid and have no plan to address the billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs at risk," National’s Education spokesperson Nicola Willis says.

"The international students sector contributes about $5 billion a year to our economy and supports around 50,000 jobs. Most of this money doesn’t come from tuition fees, but rather from spending on accommodation, food, tourism, entertainment and living costs, all of which support Kiwi businesses and Kiwi workers.

"This $50 million announcement is just one per cent of the many billions international students bring to New Zealand.

"We can expect our many education institutions to now begin the layoffs they have held back due to the wage subsidy.

"What the Government should be focused on is ensuring our border is tight. There is no timeline, no plan to get this industry back to business.

"This announcement from the Government should have been focused around returning international students, reinvigorating our economy and creating jobs. It does none of that."

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