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RTO Funding supports regions

Regional Tourism New Zealand has welcomed Minister Davis’ announcement that the application process to access Government’s funding package for Regional Tourism Organisations had been successfully completed.

“The allocated $20.2M across the 31 tourism regions, will provide much needed stimulus to tourism businesses across the country as it will support the investment made by local government in destination management, product development and domestic marketing”, says Regional Tourism New Zealand chair David Perks.

“The investment plans developed by each region contain a high degree of inter-regional collaboration, resource sharing and industry capability support. The building blocks are being put in place to develop a much more resilient industry according to the different needs of their communities, local government partners and industry," says David.

The COVID-19 crisis has seen local government, as the primary investors in Regional Tourism Organisations, come under significant pressure on their resources, so this funding will support the continuing commitment councils make to growing the positive economic impact of tourism in their areas.

David also emphasised the considerable work the MBIE tourism team put in to develop a robust funding framework, properly evaluate the proposals, and start funding into the regions.

“Government and MBIE recognised the urgency of the task, so this has all been done in a short space of time, and speaks of their commitment to make this happen quickly, without cutting corners”, says David.

“This investment, and faith in Regional Tourism Organisations to deliver on their plans, will be well rewarded by a robust tourism recovery and more sustainable grassroots industry, increasing the confidence of businesses in each region to face the future with confidence.

“We sincerely thank the Minister and government for having that faith and understanding the importance of supporting every business across every region that has some dependency on visitor spending."

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