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Ziptrek Ecotours goes musical on course with “Treehouse Sessions”

Award winning eco-tourism company, Ziptrek Ecotours are crafting a pop up music event amongst the trees as a unique contribution to New Zealand Music Month (May) by utilizing its tree decks as unique staging platforms for local music artists to perform, whilst visitors journey through the forest on ziplines, it what may be the first event in Queenstown since the country moved out of Level 3.

Ziptrek have been re-imagining what their sustainable zipline business means to its community.

Recognizing that the arts, culture and performance scenes have also taken a huge hit in terms of gatherings, this event combines two problems into one possible solution. A new way of utilising Ziptrek’s assets and skill into a guided tour through a new cultural adventure.

“We have trained guides and separated outdoor spaces connected by a unique method of travel (ziplines). People are managed in their movement over two square kilometers of open space. It is perfectly placed for safe interaction in a recovering COVID world," says executive director of Ziptrek Trent Yeo.

“We hope the community will get behind this idea. It is a creative solution and a positive story in a tourism town that vitally needs to embrace its adventurous spirit. To all the artists in our town who have lacked an outlet, an audience and a paid workplace.  

"We hope this offers one glimmer of hope. From a national perspective, in a depressed world, imagine the global headline, ‘NZ creates the most beautiful outdoor venues in the world!’ That excites me,” says Trent.

‘Ziptrek as an Outdoor Venue’ is a larger plan for future pop up events starting in spring, with options for sculpture, spoken word, (really) short films and any other pursuit that is without a space. This is a test for the ecotourism company and an open challenge to its tourism counterparts to come up with other creative opportunities with new value for its communities.

Local musician and filmmaker Scott Kennedy has been selected to curate the music. ‘The response within the first 24 hours was really positive with more than fifteen musicians enthusiastic to get up in the trees and play a show! 

Ziptrek is seeking local community minded partners to make this collaboration a success. Local musician applications close 5pm Monday, May 25 and to be sent to [email protected]

This inaugural music event “TreehouseSessions” will take place on Ziptrek Ecotours course area near Skyline Gondola in Queenstown on weekend Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31 for NZ Music Month for a significantly reduced price of $30 p/p. 

Bookings essential and tickets can be purchased by contacting Ziptrek at 0800 ZIPTREK / [email protected]


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