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Freedom camping spot for Hamilton travelers to self-isolate

Freedom campers in Hamilton have been given a place to set up and lay their head.

Porritt Stadium has been set up as a COVID-19 self-isolation site for freedom campers at the request of the Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group.

The stadium carpark is already a designated freedom camping site for certified self-contained vehicles.

There has been concern about freedom campers moving from region to region at a time when the Government has ruled out all non-essential travel and required people to stay in one spot to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Freedom campers close to Hamilton are being directed to Porritt Stadium carpark. Part of the field near the carpark could be used to take additional campers if necessary.

The stadium changing rooms will be available for visitors’ use and will be cleaned daily. There will be 24-hour, seven day a week security at the site. Campers will be required to maintain physical distancing.

Porritt Stadium will remain open to freedom campers until the Council is advised otherwise by the Waikato CDEM Group.

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