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Freedom campers told to get off the road

The head of the organisation which has spearheaded the fight to protect freedom camping sites in New Zealand has told freedom campers to get off the road.
“You have no right to still be travelling, you must self-isolate in a commercial campground,” says New Zealand Motor Caravan Association CEO Bruce Lochore.

Bruce says NZMCA members have been shocked to hear that police are having to deal with rogue freedom campers who are flouting the country’s COVID-19 lockdown by continuing to move around.
“That’s completely unacceptable in the current environment where other peoples’ lives are at stake. "Freedom camping sites simply do not have the facilities required for safe self-isolation – anyone who is still on the road needs to get into a commercial campground that’s set up to provide a safe environment.
“And on top of that, having to deal with these irresponsible campers is just a waste of Police resources at this critical time.”
Bruce says the NZMCA had last week immediately closed its own 46-park network – which only provides basic facilities – in support of the Government’s lockdown and had strongly advised members to stop travelling and head to the safe haven of a commercial campground.
“I know that might sound contradictory given our long history of protecting Kiwis’ right to freedom camp; but in these extraordinary times those rights are overshadowed by the need for everyone in this country to support the Government lockdown.”

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