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Online platform turns to locals to help trapped tourists

One New Zealand online marketplace is stepping up and helping tourists and locals find spaces to self-isolate.

Anyspace is New Zealand’s online marketplace for storage and usable space. While they usually run the website to connect hosts and renters to available transport, storage and office spaces, Anyspace has added a new category in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic to include self-isolation spaces.

It's completely free to list and no charges will be added for using the platform.

"We have only just launched this listing category yesterday and have already had a ton of positive feedback, along with people wanting to list and help international travellers however they can," says one of Anyspace's directors, Dave Shannon.

"Hotel fees are inflating due to high demand at the moment, these costly forms of accommodation have caught unsuspecting backpackers off-guard. Being caught in the middle of a global pandemic is something they simply haven’t prepared and budgeted for."

Anyspace has setup a listing category today to give Kiwis the opportunity to rent their spare self-isolation space to international travellers during the coronavirus pandemic, in order to help tourists that are needing to self-isolate for 14 day periods.

"We’ve now added the additional category of self-isolation to our platform at no additional charge. We just need Kiwis that want to get involved to simply set their asking price for whatever house, granny flat, room, or other form of space they may have available, so that we can provide a service to those unfortunate enough to be caught away from home during this global pandemic," says Dave.

"With thousands of people landing in New Zealand daily, there is an accumulating need for more affordable accommodation options, and we want to help however possible," says Dave.

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