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SkyCity implements social distancing

SkyCity Entertainment Group is implementing a range of significant changes to its business to ensure the safety of its staff and customers and minimise the potential spread of COVID-19.

These measures are aimed at maintaining hygiene levels and promoting social distancing.

Graeme Stephens, chief executive officer of SkyCity Entertainment Group, says following the New Zealand and Australian governments’ guidance on large gatherings, SkyCity is implementing significant changes to SkyCity’s business activities.

“Our business is similar to a shopping centre in that we have a number of smaller venues within a larger precinct. In the case of SkyCity we can control the decisions for each venue across the entire precinct," he says.

The social distancing measures being implemented by SkyCity include:

  • A number of electronic gaming machines are being turned off to ensure a safe distance between players
  • The number of players permitted at each of the gaming tables has been reduced to five per table with no back betting permitted to avoid crowding
  • Gaming promotions have been put on hold where appropriate
  • Cleaning services have been significantly increased to ensure more frequent and thorough cleaning of surfaces
  • The availability of hand sanitisers for staff and guests in public spaces have been increased
  • A number of large public events have been cancelled, including the Tower de Force planned for Sunday, March 22
  • Events at the SkyCity Theatre and in convention spaces are being reviewed with booking partners
  • All SkyCity restaurants are operating as usual
  • SkyCity Online Casino, run by SkyCity Malta, is operating as usual
  • All non-essential business travel for staff has been cancelled
  • Staff are being instructed to self-isolate if returning from any overseas location in accordance with health authority guidance
  • Guests will be excluded from venues if they show flu-like symptoms for the safety of staff and other guests.

SkyCity is continuing to closely monitor the situation and follow advice from the New Zealand Ministry of Health and Australian Department of Health.

“Our guests have been very supportive of the changes we are making and we thank them for their ongoing understanding as we adapt to these challenging times.  We are committed to providing a safe environment for both staff and customers at SkyCity.” says Graeme.

SkyCity expects to provide a market update in the near future.

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