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$10m funding to help industry bounce back from coronavirus


Tourism New Zealand’s response plans to help alleviate the impacts of COVID-19 are well underway following the announcement of a $10 million funding boost from the Government.

“We’ve carefully considered where increased activity from us will have the most impact on short and medium term visitor growth,” says Tourism New Zealand chief executive Stephen England-Hall.

“While our plans are focussed on growth from other markets, we very much look forward to renewing our activity in China and welcoming Chinese visitors back to New Zealand as soon as possible. We will also work on plans to reinvest in the market when the time is right.

“It’s incredibly competitive on the world stage right now with all destination marketers competing for visitors. We have some exciting and innovative work planned alongside key partners to help us stand out from the crowd so we are ready to give it a good go.”

Short-term activity

Australia was identified as the market with the most opportunity to benefit the upcoming shoulder season. Tourism New Zealand will look to partner with industry to help fund and coordinate a new campaign in this market.

short break – a campaign partnering with airlines, airports and regions to generate May to November arrivals.

Australia winter campaign – significant increased investment in our already live ‘This is how we winter’ ski campaign which encourages off-peak and regional travel. The increased investment extends the audience reach and channels used. This campaign encourages July to October arrivals.

Tourism New Zealand will work with our global digital media partners and direct to consumer channels to target people with content who are still keen to travel despite the current environment. Research suggests there are a number of people in this segment.

Mid-term activity

New Zealand wants to be well positioned to drive visitation in the next spring-summer season and provide New Zealand with the best opportunities.

UK – High impact activity in this market to capitalise on demand from the post-Brexit travel market. The campaign is likely to result in travel during New Zealand’s next summer.

US – Increased activity in this market building on new airline routes (Dallas – Auckland, Los Angeles – Christchurch and New York – Auckland) and success from recent Tourism New Zealand work like our collaboration with The Late show with Stephen Colbert.

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