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Christchurch launches city-first partnership

A new business events partnership in Christchurch will transform the way the city works together to secure international conferences and events.  


Spearheaded by Tourism New Zealand, ChristchurchNZ and Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre, the Business Events Christchurch campaign has been established to put Christchurch on the map as a world-class destination for business events.

The collaborative approach marks a new united direction for the business events sector in Christchurch.

Designed to complement the work being done by the ChristchurchNZ Convention Bureau, it is expected this approach will further increase the reach of the city and aid in highlighting Christchurch’s many selling points to a wider range of international markets.

The new direction is supported by growth in key infrastructure, with Te Pae Christchurch set to launch in October this year, as well as a range of new and upgraded hotels, restaurants, venues and technology services also coming online.

Officially launched at Asia Pacific Incentives Meetings Event late last week, the first campaign for Business Events Christchurch will commence in Australia in March.

ChristchurchNZ general manager of destination and attraction Loren Heaphy says ≈åtautahi Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city, is re-emerging as a premier destination for business events.


“We are a vibrant and modern urban centre capable of hosting large-scale events, while offering delegates a boutique city experience with easy access to spectacular natural landscapes,” says Loren.


"We are also a hub of expertise with a strong business ecosystem and deep talent pool in our internationally-recognised tertiaries.


“We are confident this campaign will enhance the perception of our city in this space and boost the economic value of this sector to our region.”

Te Pae Christchurch general manager Ross Steele says when Te Pae Christchurch opens later this year it will mark a new era for events and conferences in Christchurch.

“Te Pae Christchurch is the first purpose-built venue of its kind in New Zealand. Designed for the most modern city in the country, it will complement the city’s existing and recently-announced infrastructure – technology, accommodation, dining and venues – to further position us as a world-class destination for business events,” he says.

“We’re thrilled to be part of Business Events Christchurch, an exciting new direction for the industry in Christchurch. By working together we have an opportunity to make a real difference, not just to the business events sector in Christchurch, but also in the economic, social and legacy benefits that will follow.”

Tourism New Zealand global manager business events Lisa Gardiner says Tourism New Zealand works closely with ChristchurchNZ, Te Pae and the city’s leading knowledge hubs, including the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University and Crown Research Institutes, to support bids for international conferences through its Conference Assistance Programme.

“Bringing international conferences to the city not only highlights Christchurch’s key strengths, but attracts high-value visitors to New Zealand – both in terms of economic value, and the knowledge they can share,” she says.

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