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Government releases freedom camping survey

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has this week launched a survey targeting Freedom campers.

The survey which presents as a means to determine spending habits of Freedom campers, also asks if campers are 'certified self-contained’ and where they camp.

The survey is being promoted only through RV clubs, so is missing out on surveying the majority of freedom campers, being those who camp in modes unable to be ‘certified self-contained', such as tenters.

Concerned Motorhomers made the existence of the survey known to the public.

Of particular concern is the majority of Freedom Campers who camp as part of other outdoor recreational activities.

These people can include hunters, kayakers, mountaineers, trampers and cyclists, as well as others.

The majority of these groups are included under the Camping Act if they camp within 200 metres of an area reachable by an off road type motorbike (motor vehicle accessible area).

For these other campers it is considered ‘vital’ that they complete the survey and make their voices heard.

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