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Price hike for domestic fares

Domestic air fares took a leap in the last three months of 2019 and will cost passengers an extra $165 million for a full year.

The New Zealand Airports Association says the big jump in air fares, confirmed by Stats NZ on Friday, means every domestic passenger is paying $14 more for their flight, on average, compared to the same period 12 months ago.

"Families, businesses and tourism will be the losers from the big jump in flight costs," says NZ Airports chief executive Kevin Ward. "Increased fares translate directly to fewer people able to travel".

Kevin says this is a warning flag that airlines are taking advantage of recent developments to boost profits.

The hefty 8.5 per cent increase coincides with Jetstar’s withdrawal from regional routes and the agreement between Air New Zealand and Qantas to cooperate in each other’s domestic markets.

"Domestic air fare increases on this scale are many times greater than the rate of inflation, and have a choking effect on regions at a time the Government is investing in provincial economies," says Kevin.

The Stats announcement shows prices rose for many regional routes as well as flights between main centres, he says.

"Unfortunately, there is no official data on fares for individual routes, so the public can’t confirm if some cities and towns have been harder hit than others".

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