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Cloud cover forecast for travellers at Auckland Airport

As work begins at the international terminal, a new pathway will take foot traffic safely around the construction zone.

A miniature version of The Cloud, the Auckland waterfront events centre, will take shape inside the main international terminal car park in the first months of 2020.

Providing rain or shine shelter for travellers and guests, the structure will act as a covered plaza stretching from the forecourt of the international terminal to carparks in Tom Pearce Drive – the current exit road from the terminal.

With some car parks and transport pick-up/drop-off areas closest to the international terminal being impacted by construction zones during the next three years, creating a high quality, temporary solution was necessary to ensure those travellers affected had an easy, pleasant path to and from the terminal, says Auckland Airport General Manager Airport Development and Delivery, André Lovatt.

Constructed from coated galvanized steel frame and PVC fabric, it will run through the current Car Park A at the eastern side of the Novotel Hotel.

"It was an interesting challenge for our project team to design for. On one hand we knew the plaza would be a temporary structure, only needed for a few years until construction on major projects around the existing main carpark is complete.

"But it will be some time before the multi-storey car park in front of the terminal and the western forecourt next to the new expanded international arrivals building are operational, so it was also important to us that the interim state is of high quality, ensuring customers have a safe and comfortable walk to and from the terminal.

"The answer was the custom curved structure of steel frame and fabric, a smaller version of The Cloud on the waterfront," says Mr Lovatt.

Covered connections will extend beyond the new pedestrian walkway to passenger car parks, including the multi-storey car park off Tom Pearce Drive, and new coach, rental car, ride-share, and pre-charted taxi and shuttle drop-off/pick-up areas operating during the construction of the expanded international arrivals area and domestic jet facility.

Public pick-up and drop-off to the international terminal remains unaffected, and a ‘helping hand’ initiative is being developed to ensure travellers concerned about the impact of the extra walking distance can be supported during this construction phase.

Work on site begins in January 2020 and will be completed in two stages finishing in June 2020.

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