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A zip through the forest


Put simply – you really just have to do it for yourself.


You can read all the reviews you want, pore over story after story, but if you’re not strapped in and about to zip through the forest, the experience just isn’t the same.

Rotorua Canopy Tours really is a bucket-list experience. Just 15 minutes outside of Rotorua, hosted in the Dansey Scenic Reserve, both the Original and the Ultimate tours are guaranteed to thrill.

Guests arrive at the Canopy Tours headquarters on Fairy Springs Road where you are kitted up in safety gear and given a safety talk before hopping in a van and driving to the reserve.

The guides are a treat – full of local knowledge and happy to share it, Rotorua Canopy Tours guides really make the experience unique.

With some easy bushwalking before taking your first plunge, your heart rate is already elevated before you even get to your first zipline. Guides will ensure you are safely strapped in before encouraging you to step out and zip across, enjoying the gorgeous green canopy below.

Dansey Scenic Reserve is virgin native New Zealand bush – meaning it was there originally and it’s never been logged. The appeal of this is that the forest appears similarly to the way it has for hundreds of years. There’s something ethereal walking (and zipping) through bush that hasn’t been heavily tampered with.

Guides point out native birds flitting around the forest as you walk between the ziplines and you may even have the chance to feed one if you’re really lucky.

One of the highlights of the Rotorua Canopy Tours experience is the conservation efforts that have been invested into the reserve. Along your tour, you’ll be told astounding information about native bird population decimation, local pests and pest control. And the best part is, your tour cost helps protect and continue conservation efforts in the Dansey Scenic Reserve.

Along the way you’ll hear about the dramatic change seen in the reserve after conservation efforts started and how Rotorua Canopy Tours are ensuring these changes continue and grow.

And by the time you reach your last zipline, you’re already in love with the bush – taking one last zip over the canopy is a real treat.

So not only are you getting an incredible experience, you’re getting exercise and time outside, contributing to conservation efforts and taking home some fantastic memories and photos.

So now you’ve read the story are you ready to take the plunge for yourself? What are you waiting for?
Visit: to book.

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