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A step towards a better tourism data system

A tourism information and data hui is taking place today, which is an important step in building a more dynamic tourism information and data system and an essential step in delivering the Tourism Strategy.

The hui is invite-only and invited guests will be seeking input from across their respective organisations and networks in the lead up to the hui.

The Ministry of Business and Employment is aiming to build on the partnership between MBIE and the sector that created the Tourism Data Domain Plan. The hui will bring together central and local governments and industry and service providers to plan out a system that will continue to identify and prioritise information needs and innovative ways to meet those needs.

The hui today will explore the current tourism data landscape, understand what decisions are based on tourism data, explore how to build a dynamic tourism system that responds to changing needs and opportunities, help identify mutually-beneficial initiatives and create a coherent system where all players contribute and set a direction and alignment towards the creation of a tourism sector data strategy and roles.

An informal working group of central and local government, academic and industry representatives from across the tourism sector has been working for the last few months to help shape the hui.

The group looked at the tourism data system both in terms of what it needs to deliver and how it could be set up to create an agile system, that can respond to changing needs and opportunities.

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