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Fast path through security for familiar flyers at Auckland

Flyers familiar with pre-flight security are getting a dedicated lane during peak periods at Auckland Airport’s domestic terminal.

Developed in collaboration with the Aviation Security Service, the new Prepared Passenger Lane provides a faster path through security screening for people who have emptied their pockets, taken electronic devices out of their hand luggage and are ready for inspection.

Running during the 6am to 7am weekday peak, the new lane has been introduced permanently after a successful trial period.

Auckland Airport’s general manager operations Anna Cassels-Brown says the success of the quick turnaround project was down to Auckland Airport and Aviation Security Service staff working together to find creative ways to smooth the journey for travelling customers.

"It’s a great example of two different organisations working together, testing ideas, seeing what works, and making a difference for our customers," says Anna.

"While we are getting on with progressing our plans for a new domestic jet facility, we need to ensure passengers have the best experience possible in our current domestic terminal."

Aviation Security Service Group operations manager Karen Urwin says while the Prepared Passenger Lane is currently used during the weekday morning peak it could also be quickly deployed at other times.

"If there was disruption to flights, say a weather event, and we needed to process a large number of passengers quickly then we have the option of opening the Prepared Passenger Lane for those who are familiar with the screening process."

She says it could also be used differently during holiday periods when more family groups are travelling.

"We know it can take a bit longer for people with young children to pass through security screening, so creating a lane during periods when more families are traveling provides an option if you need extra time to prepare your family group."

As well as the Prepared Passenger Lane, Auckland Airport worked with the Aviation Security Service to make changes to the domestic terminal’s screening area, which has added around 72 square metres to the pre-screening queuing space.

It’s part of a wider set of projects at the domestic terminal that has included a reconfiguration and expansion of the food court area, a new retail offering, along with more seating and charging ports for customers.

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