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PGF supports manufacturing and tourism in Kapiti

The Provincial Growth Fund is investing in manufacturing, tourism and regional capability support in Kapiti, with support for three projects announced today by Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones.

This investment is for the following three projects, which will boost Ka¬Åpiti’s economy, support the region to attract further investment and create employment opportunities:

  • Omeo Technology, Otaki – $2.5 million
  • Waiorua Lodge Limited, Ka¬Åpiti Island – $635,000
  • Provincial Growth Fund Programme Manager, based at Kapiti Coast District Council – $140,000

Omeo Technology, which has developed a state-of-the-art wheelchair that can be operated hands-free by the user’s body movement, receives a $2.5 million loan to scale up and centralise its production in Ŭåtaki. This is expected to result in the creation of 21 jobs, including both professional and product assembly roles.

"The PGF’s investment in Omeo Technology will create jobs in O¬åtaki and give a locally-run, innovative company the boost they need to centralise its operations and accelerate its growth plans. This funding will also create positive flow-on effects for nearby businesses," says Shane.

"We are also providing support for Waiorua Lodge Limited to scope the improvement of tourism infrastructure on Maori-owned land at KÄapiti Island. This will investigate an upgrade to the existing lodge and supporting facilities at Waiorua Bay and will also look at renewable energy sources to maintain the island’s stunning environment. This could bring more people to the region which acts as a gateway to Ka¬Åpiti Island, and increase employment opportunities for local people.

"We know from local leaders that creating capability within the region is essential to ensure long-term success, which is why we are providing $140,000 over two years for a dedicated person to work closely with Kapiti Coast District Council and provide additional support for PGF-funded projects.

"The combined effect of the funding announced today means Ka¬Åpiti’s economy has the support it needs to grow and attract further investment. For local people, this means more jobs and a more diverse economy. This shows what the PGF can achieve by collaborating with local communities," says Shane.

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