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French Connection for Toi Ohomai

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology and French university Angers have signed a cooperation agreement that will enable exchange programmes and further collaboration.

From 2020, students studying towards tourism and hospitality degrees at the institutions will be able to take part in exchanges where they can live and study in either New Zealand or France.

Toi Ohomai head of international Peter Richardson says living in France will provide New Zealand students with an opportunity to explore Europe more easily.

“From the students’ perspective – it’s an OE. They get to go to Europe and they can study, work and travel all at the same time.

“A benefit of the exchange for Students from Angers is they will be able to study in our country and also take part in our work placement programmes.”

Peter says discussions about the agreement began when an Angers staff member, Megan Artus, visited New Zealand and reached out to Toi Ohomai.

He says after several further conversations and trading key documents, they realised there was a natural fit between the two organisations.

“In December, we signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate and develop pathways for our students including exchanges.

“We’ve got a number of French students wanting to come here. They are able to come here and study and it will count towards their qualifications at Angers.”

Peter says the exchange programme will be open to students in their second and third year of the degree.

Peter says the agreement was helped by Toi Ohomai developing three new hospitality and tourism qualifications consisting of the Bachelor of Applied Hospitality and Tourism Management as well as two post-graduate diplomas.

The courses were created following many months of work by the Faculty of Tourism, Hospitality and Service Industries at Toi Ohomai and conversations with Rotorua providers. A panel from the New Zealand Qualifications visited Toi Ohomai over two days and while formal approval is still pending, the courses were embedded with no additional information required.

Enrolments in the new courses are open, with the first intake to begin on 22 July.

Toi Ohomai Tourism, Hospitality and Services Industries faculty leader Bart Vosse says globally there is an increasing awareness of the interdependent nature of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

“Our new programmes provide the integration of hospitality and tourism content with a strong focus on developing the management, leadership, entrepreneurship and employability skills and capabilities required.

“Partnering with a recognised European University further strengthens our program and opens up further opportunities for our learners.”

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