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An invitation to show off your morning to the world in Tourism New Zealand’s newest campaign

Where do you spend your mornings?

Is it on the deck overlooking the sunrise with a mug of coffee? Do you walk or cycle to work in a vibrant and bustling city? Maybe you are fortunate enough to wake up to the sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore or you have a local coffee spot that holds a special place in your heart.

No matter how you spend your mornings, Tourism New Zealand invites you to invite the world to share your morning with them.

Tourism New Zealand is, in a world first, inviting Kiwis to be a part of their biggest tourism campaign to date – their next 100% Pure New Zealand campaign.

Video courtesy of Tourism New Zealand

The campaign centres around showing the world not only how gorgeous our country is, but how wonderful, warm and welcoming our people are, too.

“100% Pure New Zealand is predicated on the idea of New Zealand in our consumer’s mind and that idea is about the experience of New Zealand – the total, unique experience that you have when you travel here,” says Tourism New Zealand chief executive Stephen England-Halland.

“That is really made up of three key elements – one is the epic landscapes and the epic scenery, but the other two pieces are our warm and welcoming people and of course the really cool things there are to do.

“It’s a trifecta if you like – it’s the beautiful environment, the warm, welcoming people and the amazing things to do that come together and really create what is – in our consumers’ minds – 100% Pure New Zealand.”

The 366-day campaign will showcase New Zealand’s landscapes, welcoming people and culture.

“We’re asking New Zealanders to share their favourite place with the world by creating a ‘good morning world’ video and sharing it on social media,” says Stephen.

And you don’t have to live somewhere fancy to showcase your little part of the world – Stephen says the local coffee shop, your favourite dog walking route or even your local pie shop is absolutely fine.

“We want to capture classic Kiwi life and what makes it so special,” he says.

“The plan as in stands is that we as Tourism New Zealand will generate the majority of that content and then we’ll be looking to New Zealanders to also contribute content in that when they do their own ‘Good Morning World’ videos.

“At the end of the day, this is an invitation from New Zealanders to the rest of the world; to come and experience their special place and the people that they hang out with.”

Because tourism is one of New Zealand’s largest exports, Stephen says it touches almost everything and that’s how Tourism New Zealand found the first candidates for their videos.

“How we went around identifying the people to tell the first ‘Good Morning World’ story was to reach out to central tourism organisations around the country and have them nominate and provide suggestions on who could be involved and then we’ve gone ahead and filmed that.

“A key here is that we wanted real people telling their stories, so even the ones that have been produced by TNZ – we’ve filmed them and produced them – but actually the people who are in the videos aren’t professional actors, they’re regular people.”

Stephen says the videos aim to touch both Kiwis here in New Zealand as well as travelers considering New Zealand as their next holiday spot.

“For New Zealanders we want them to feel proud, we’d like them to feel excited, we want them to feel related in terms of the content, feel like they can engage with that and that they’re true stories about New Zealand and our people here, we definitely want that outcome for New Zealanders,” he says.

“For our visitors, it’s really to drive preference and desire to visit New Zealand and to think about New Zealand when they are making choices in the international arena.

“We could sum it up by saying that tourism is the beating heart of New Zealand’s economy and New Zealand’s largest export and what we want is for all New Zealanders to be able to play a part in that story.

“Visitors come here for the landscapes, but it’s the people they leave talking about,” says Stephen.

And where would Stephen film his own ‘Good Morning World’ video?

“For me, I would make one on Narrowneck Beach or Cheltenham Beach,” he says.

“To be honest with you, traveling around New Zealand you realise how incredible a time the morning is here.

“There’s cultural connections to iwi as well, but the morning is the reminder of a new day, a new start, a fresh opportunity and it doesn’t matter where you are in New Zealand, there are times where those mornings are pretty spectacular.”

So showcase your own slice of paradise to the world by partaking in the upcoming 100% Pure New Zealand campaign. More information will be available from Monday, June 17.

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