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SO/Auckland is so Auckland

At just a few months old, SO/Auckland is the newest 5 star luxury hotel in Auckland. But SO/ is not any old luxury – described by General Manager Stephen Gould – SO/ is “rebelious luxury”.

Each of the seven SO/ hotels under the luxury ACCOR Hotel brand are themed by internationally famous designers including the likes of Karl Lagerfield, Viktor&Rolf and Christian Lacroix.

New Zealand fashion innovator WORLD has spent three years working on elements of the design for SO/Auckland bringing their signature bold and individual character to a design which is also inherently a reflection of Auckland.

Benny Castles, Designer and Director for WORLD says they developed a stylised topographical map of Auckland and over-inflated the role of volcanoes creating a “hypnotic experience where the outside world is left behind and a new experience begins.”

SO/Auckland is the only SO/ in the south pacific region, and no SO/ is the same as another.

WORLD and SO/Auckland have also created an emblem reflecting the volcanic history of Auckland, the natural beauty of New Zealand and the history of the building itself – the former Reserve Bank used to house New Zealand’s gold reserves. The emblem features in all artwork, wallpaper designs for the signature suites, cushions for the chauffeur cars and attire for the staff instead of uniforms.

While Gould concedes rhat SO/’s style will not be to everyone’s tastes, if you want luxury, top class service and something out of the norm, you should experience a stay at SO/.

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