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Bluebridge launches best free WiFi on Cook Straight

Passengers sailing with Bluebridge Ferries will enjoy faster, uninterrupted free WiFi while crossing Cook Strait after a significant upgrade to the ships’ broadband network launches today.

The upgrade to VSAT technology will eliminate the previous black spots experienced across Cook Strait, allowing passengers to browse the web, use social media and email during the entire 3.5 hour crossing with speeds similar to a 4G smartphone connection.  

“We’re thrilled to be launching the best free WiFi service on Cook Strait,” says Will Dady, General Manager – Digital and Customer Experience for StraitNZ.

“We've assessed a number of different products and believe that satellite connectivity provides the best opportunity to overcome the challenges of providing service on Cook Strait – and deliver a great experience for our customers from the moment they check-in until they arrive across the Strait.”

The new infrastructure will also allow the company to add other services over the coming 12 months, including new media and entertainment options.   

Twenty-seven new VSAT WiFi receivers – each weighing around 4kg – have been installed onboard the company’s two ferries, the Straitsman and Strait Feronia, with an antenna located at the top of each ship.

The new WiFi network launches today and can be accessed onboard throughout the ship or at the Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries terminals in Picton and Wellington by connecting to the ‘Bluebridge WiFi’ from a smartphone or mobile device after accepting the company’s terms and conditions.


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