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NZSki angers local outdoor community with summer toll

Local recreation clubs are upset and angry at the news that NZSki plan to operate a toll on the road to the Remarkables Ski Area this summer.

While foot and cycle access are to remain free, vehicles will be charged $10 to use the road from February 3, 2020, for the duration of the summer.

During the summer months, many families use the road to access the beautiful Remarkables range, which overlooks Queenstown. 

“Being able to access the ski field during the summer months has meant that children and families have been able to access the natural beauty and experiences available in the area," says general manager of the New Zealand Alpine Club Karen Leacock.

"For many, this may be their first adventure into the wild, which will hopefully lead to a lifelong love and connection for the outdoors. Unfortunately, NZSki has made a commercial decision which will hinder the ability of families to have such experiences.

“There are a range of activities available in the Remarkables over summer ranging from easy picnic spots to full-day epic traverses of the range. Unfortunately, most recreationalists will now have to pay to access these experiences as walking or biking up the road would add significantly to the time and fitness needed. Local outdoor enthusiasts may access the area multiple times each month, which will soon add up for them,” says Karen.

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