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Lake Whakamaru Reserve will open for the holiday season

South Waikato District Council has decided to open the Whakamaru Reserve from Friday, December 20, for public camping over summer. This opening includes the boat ramp.

"While the reserve is opening, we want to ensure visitors have the right expectations," says Phil Parker, Council’s parks and reserves manager. "The reserve is not yet ideal for camping due to some outstanding works, both aesthetic and minor safety related."

Some slash and debris is still in the vicinity of the reserve. Some of the ground is still uneven with protruding sticks in places, so users are encouraged to avoid these areas and chose their tent site carefully; visitors are encouraged to bring a leaf rake with them.

Grass sowed in late spring is still taking root; use of the reserve will impact the young grass cover and the reserve will likely be quite dusty. We have also planted 100 trees that are still vulnerable.

"We have had a lot of requests from our local community and visitors to make the reserve available for camping. Our options were to keep the reserve closed due to the outstanding works, or open it and ask that the public use the reserve in a respectful and safe manner with an understanding of the current environment," says Phil. "People are encouraged to use this reserve with care and respect, for other campers and for the delicate environment."

Police and Council Compliance staff will be present in the reserve over the summer period.

In coming months, we will see further improvements at Whakamaru including re-grassing the area in autumn, large scale raking to even the uneven ground, removal of partly buried branches and removal of the remaining debris.

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