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Uber launches Auckland pilot program to bring more choice to airport trips

First impressions and last impressions count. So do the first and last kilometres of any trip – particularly long ones.

More than a quarter of million kiwis make their way to airports every single month. Some are travelling for work, others are embarking on an overseas holiday.

Whether it’s a journey for work or play, with families or solo, your airport trip should set a positive tone for whatever adventure is about to unfold. It shouldn’t be marred by congestion or stress.

Uber’s platform has a role to play in helping smooth out journeys.

That’s why Uber is linking with SkyBus in a country-first trial designed to bring even more choice to riders when it comes to their airport commute – which started earlier this week.

"At its core this three month trial is about using existing infrastructure to experiment with smarter transport opportunities" says Uber New Zealand country manager Amanda Gilmore.

"North Shore airport travelers will be encouraged to take part in the trial with up to 50 per cent off rides with Uber – capped at $15 off – to and from the North Harbour Express SkyBus pick up points.

Once onboard a SkyBus, riders will unlock bus lanes along the airport route, as well as all the creature comforts that come with a SkyBus journey including Wifi, luggage racks and multilingual announcements.

To take part in the trial, and to unlock the promotion, riders will need to activate the Uber code which is displayed on their SkyBus ticket. Riders can simply enter this code into the voucher section of their Payment tab before requesting their trip with Uber.

"We are excited to learn from this SkyBus trial to see how we can address the full appetite of our entire rider base here in New Zealand. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to be a valued part of everyday life in New Zealand," says Amanda.

"It’s another step on our mission to improve transport connections that ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.

"We will continue to help unite New Zealanders to the moments that matter. Whether that’s using Uber for the start of their trip, or their entire trip.

"The SkyBus trial represents even more choice for our riders – helping them select the option that best suits their needs at any moment in time.

"Embarking on this venture has been an incredibly collaborative effort, underlining the commitment from everyone within Auckland’s transport ecosystem to further enhance the transport experience for New Zealanders and visitors alike," says Amanda.

"Uber is determined to continue to work in concert with key partners to create smart, safe, connected, world class cities of the future. Enhancing existing infrastructure to solve complex transport problems and to remove friction for riders and drivers – every day of the week."

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